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"Pre-Grouping Points and Crossings".
By Ernest M Bate.

opwID Bate_1999
Type HMRS Journal article
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Published in HMRS Journal, volume 16 no.10, April-June 1999
Pages p.405-7
Description An article about the design of points and crossings by pre-grouping railways, with particular reference to the drawings in the 1900 IRC paper "British Railways Points and Crossings" by W B Worthington. Includes table of turnout leads for different switch sizes and crossing angles, as used by North Eastern Railway in 1908.
See also IRC paper Worthington_1900 and drawings Worthington_1900_drawings.
Author notes Ernest Bate is the creator of www.oldpway.info
Notes When the article was written, the source of the drawings was unknown and they were thought to date from about 1905, but they are now known to be 1900 IRC drawings and are on-line on oldpway at Worthington_1900_drawings.