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"Strengthening of Permanent Way in View of Increased Speed of Trains (English speaking countries)".
By William Hunt.

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Type IRC paper
Status oldpway has copies of separately-printed English version (without plates and addenda) and copy of English version in IRC proceedings (with all plates and addenda).
Availability Plates on-line, see Hunt_1895_drawings and Details of drawings.
All of report, appendices and addenda on-line; Read report (1MB), Read appendix A (9MB), Read appendix B (8MB), Read appendix C (8MB), Read appendix D (7MB), Read appendix E (7MB), Read appendix A1 (5MB), Read appendix B1 (6MB), Read appendix C1 (6MB), Read appendix D1 (5MB), Read appendix E1 (5MB), Read addenda (5MB).
The French version of the 1895 IRC proceedings, of which this report is part, can be read on archive.org, but the scans are very poor. The report by W Hunt begins on page 164 of the scanned pages, and the plates on page 201.
Sub-title Report 2 for Section 1, Way and Works, Question I of Fifth session of the International Railway Congress, London, June-July 1895
Full title 1st section. Way and Works.
Question I.
Strengthening of Permanent Way in View of the Increased Speed of Trains
Type of permanent way suited for lines traversed by trains at high speed. Gradual strengthening of existing roads, so as to permit of an increase in the speed of trains.
  1. Section of Rail. Calculation of the strains imposed by the rolling load. Results of experiments.
  2. Mode of manufacture and nature of rail-metal. Comparison of soft with hard steel. Steel produced (1) by the acid process in the Bessemer converter; (2) by the basic process in the converter; (3) by either process in the Martin furnace.
  3. Rail connections. Fatigue of fish plates. Construction of joint best calculated to secure uniform strength of road throughout. Rails laid in chairs, and Vignoles rails.
  4. Sleepers, their quality, dimensions and distance apart.
  5. Ballast, the various descriptions and methods of laying.
Reporter for English speaking countries, Mr. Hunt, Chief Engineer, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.
Reporter for non English speaking countries, Mr. Ast, Chief Engineer, Kaiser Ferdinand's Nordbahn.
Published in In English and French, in IRC bulletins, IRC proceedings and printed separately.
Separately printed versions owned by Ernest Bate (2, without plates or addenda) and John Arkell (with plates and addenda).
Pages English edition of 1895 IRC proceedings, Proceedings, Volume I, p.I/3 to I/77.
Followed by addenda, p.I/79 to I/90.
Followed by Mr. Ast's 1st report (for non English speaking countries), p.I/91 to I/244.
Followed by sectional discussion, sectional report, discussion at the general meeting, conclusions, p.I/245 to I/301.
Followed by appendix of diagrams showing condition of tracks obtained by mechanical indicator on New York Central & Hudson River Railroad and on Boston & Albany Railroad, p.I/302 to I/317.
Description A detailed study of the design of plain line permanent way by British, Colonial and USA Railways in 1895. The report is concerned with rails, joints, sleepers and ballast, which are summarised in appendices. Includes 35 plates, as listed in Hunt_1895_drawings, which mostly show rail joint, fishplate, rail section, chair, fixings, sleeper spacing and formation.
For list of railways detailed in the report, see Hunt_1895_drawings.
Appendices A to E are summaries of information for railways in the British Isles. Appendices A1 to E1 are summaries of information for railways in USA, India and Australia.
Appendices A & A1 deal with rails, and include rail weights, length, fishbolt holes, relaying practice and use of long rails.
Appendices B & B1 deal with manufacture and testing of rails.
Appendices C & C1 deal with rail connections, and include suspended/supported, fishplate and fishbolt design, chairs including joint chairs, chair fixing, flat-bottomed rail attachment.
Appendices D & D1 deal with keys and sleepers, and include key material, inside/outside keying, sleeper wood, size and which way up.
Appendices E & E1 deal with ballast, and include size and material of bottom and top ballast, and whether ballast is laid above top of sleeper.
The addenda provides the same information as for the main report, but for three companies whose replies were too late for inclusion in the main report (London, Tilbury & Southend Railway, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway and South Australian Railways).
See also IRC_article
Author notes Chief Engineer, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
Notes All plates and text are on oldpway. The files are large because they are grey-scale and colour images. Smaller files might be created in the future if needed. The appendices are images from the separately published book, which uses large fold-out pages. The IRC proceeedings version has appendices reformatted and printed on normal size pages.
The report by Mr. Ast for non-English speaking countries includes some track drawings but mainly has summary tables.