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"Biographical Dictionary of Railway Engineers, 2nd Edition".
By John Marshall.

opwID Marshall_2003
Type Book
Status oldpway has copy, in copyright
Availability Not on-line. Out of print, hard to buy secondhand
Published by Railway & Canal Historical Society (RCHS), Oxford, 2003
ISBN 0-901461-22-9
Pages 206pp
Description Substantially revised edition, with additional material, of Marshall_1978. Short biographies of most significant railway engineers, from all round the world. Includes many civil engineers and index linking companies and people.
Other editions 1st edition Marshall_1978
Notes This 2nd edition is better than the 1st edition, Marshall_1978, but is much harder to buy.
2nd edition has fewer pages but more information, by using smaller print.
Contains many useful scraps of information including:
p.10: Roman Abt invented his rack rail system and patented it in 1882.
p.11: William Bridges Adams took out a patent for a rail fish plate in May 1847. He was author of "Railways and Permanent Way, 1854" and "Roads and Rails, 1862".
p.173: Thomas Summerson and Harris patented a rail chair with a cushion under the rail. Summerson designed the first wrought iron crossing and made a speciality of its manufacture.