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This page provides a guide to sources of information about old permanent way published in 1900s. The guide includes books, papers, articles, reports and webpages. It provides brief details, description of contents and links to further details and on-line reading.

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Guide to 1900s Published Sources

The published sources are arranged in order of publication year, then alphabetically by author. Each source is given a unique identifier (called an opwID) and has the following links if available.

 "Author"  Link to author biography.
 "Details"  Link to further details of the source.
 "Read"  Link to read source on-line on oldpway.info.
 "Read on another website"  Link to read source on-line on another website.
 "Nth ed. opwID"  Link to entry for another edition.
 "Also opwID"  Link to entry for another work by same author.

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Worthington_1900, IRC paper, Details, Details of drawings, Read (part 1 only), See also Bate_1999 IRC_article
"British Railways Points and Crossings", by W B Worthington.

A detailed study of the design of points and crossings by British and Colonial Railways in 1900. Includes 42 plates, as listed in Worthington_1900_drawings.

Ross_1905, REA report, Details, Details of drawings, Read report (6MB). Licensed and used under Open Government Licence version 3.0.
"Railway Engineers' Association. Standardization of Permanent Way Rail Joints.", by Alexander Ross.

On 27 January 1905, the Railway Engineers' Association (REA) set up a committee to consider the standardization of rail joints. This report, dated 2 June 1905, details the initial findings of the committee, including comments on rail joints from the companies consulted, a summary of the findings, defects of current joints, suggested improvements and conclusions. It includes 53 drawings, as listed in Ross_1905_drawings, which show the joints, fishplates and chairs in use by many British railway companies in 1905, and also joints suggested by inventors. For a list of the companies included see Ross_1905_drawings.

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