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This page provides short biographies of people associated with old permanent way, with surnames beginning with U,V,W. They are arranged in alphabetical order of surname. They provide links to related information and to any on-line detailed biographies that are available. For abbreviations used, see list in glossary.

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Short Biographies (U,V,W)

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Wilson, Peter

Chief Engineer of HR, 1870 1874.

Worthington, Samuel Barton

Born 14 December 1820 at Stockport. Died 8 February 1915 at Bowdon. Articled to Joseph Locke, and worked with him on many of Locke's projects including Paris & Rouen. In 1846 he became engineer to the Lancaster & Carlisle Railway in charge of all aspects including rolling stock. Following the acquisition of the Lancaster & Carlisle Railway by the LNWR he was in effect made civil engineer for the Northern Division. His office was moved to Manchester and he became a consulting engineer in that City following his retirement from the LNWR in 1886. Father of William Barton Worthington and also of Edgar who became a mechanical engineer. See Marshall.

Worthington, William Barton

Born 8 July 1854 at Lancaster. Died 29 December 1939 at Bushey Heath. Son of Samuel Barton Worthington. Educated at Owen's College, Manchester and London University. Then articled to his father. Joined staff of Blyth & Cunningham in Edinburgh where he worked on civil engineering projects for CR. In 1876 appointed resident engineer under William Baker for new works on LNWR including construction of Manchester Exchange Station. Assistant Engineer on LYR, 1890 1897. Chief Engineer of LYR, 1897 1905, responsible for many new works. Author of 1900 IRC paper "British Railways Points and Crossings" Worthington_1900. Member of 1905 REA committee on "Standardization of Permanent Way Rail Joints", see Ross_1905. Chief Engineer of MR, 1905 retired 1915. Consulting Engineer, from 1915. See Marshall.

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