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This page provides short biographies of people associated with old permanent way, with surnames beginning with H. They are arranged in alphabetical order of surname. They provide links to related information and to any on-line detailed biographies that are available. For abbreviations used, see list in glossary.

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Short Biographies (H)

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Harrison, Alfred Reed Clanny

Chief Engineer of Northern Division of NER, 1888 1889.

Harrison, Charles Augustus

Chief Engineer of Northern Division of NER, 1889 post 1914. As Consulting Engineer from 1908.

Harrison, Thomas Elliot

Born 1808. Died February 1888. Started railway career with Robert Stephenson in the 1830s, assisting him to survey the London and Birmingham Railway, then building the Stanhope and Tyne Railroad. Later he oversaw the construction of two-thirds of the NER main line and many other railways. In 1853 he was General Manager and Engineer of the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway and he suggested merging with two other companies to form the NER. First General Manager of the NER when it was formed in 1854. Engineer-in-Chief of whole of NER, 1854 - died 1888. See ProcICE vol.94, pp.301-313, Obituaries.

Hunt, William. MInstCE.

Born 1843. Assistant Resident Engineer for the construction of works on the East London Line on the South side of the Thames. Resident Engineer for the works on the North side of the Thames, including the construction of the East London Line under the Eastern Basin of the London Docks. Chief Engineer of LYR, in 1894. President of the PWI, 1894. Author of 1895 IRC paper "Strengthening of Permanent Way in View of Increased Speed of Trains (English speaking countries)" Hunt_1895. Photo in PWI 100 years p.26.

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